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Americans in Border Cities Fed Up with Illegal Alien Impact on American Culture

Posted by Joshua Price on November 19, 2007

Rice University has conducted a survey in Texas regarding people’s attitude about the illegal alien invasion and its impact on our culture, and not surprisingly, they’re very unhappy–as are most sane Americans.

Here’s a summary from the immigration blog at The Houston Chronicle:

I would hope that a lot of these liberals and globalists who are so anti-nationalist would feel the same way as these folks if they had to live with this problem everyday but I’m not so sure that they would. Why wouldn’t they? Because they essentially have no allegiance to this country. Their allegiance lies with the almighty dollar. As such, I don’t think experiencing living in a border town or a city where most signs are in a foreign language would open these people’s eyes. If it did we would finally be heading in the right direction.

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