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Liberalism Works Its Way Into Border Fence Design

Posted by Joshua Price on November 16, 2007

If you don’t think liberalism is everywhere then read the following from today’s Los Angeles Times:

in a nine-week project called Fence Lab, they were trying to solve one of the nation’s most vexing problems — how to find fencing strong enough to protect the U.S. from one of the largest human migrations in history but sensitive to the fact that Mexico and the U.S. are friendly nations.

Consider the government’s requirements.

The fence must be formidable but not lethal; visually imposing but not ugly; durable but environmentally friendly; and economically built but not flimsy.

“It’s not that simple,” said Collin Sloan, whose company was among those submitting designs to Fence Lab. Sloan has studied guard towers, machine guns and razor wire at border defenses around the world.

“Other countries are a lot more into intimidation,” he said. “This is the only humane border fence being constructed.”

We are more concerned about erecting a “humane” border fence than an effective one. This unbelievable to me. We are again more concerned about pleasing the diversity-seekers than we are about protecting American citizens.

I am so sick and tired of having to understand the illegal alien’s perspective. I don’t care if the fence is inhumane or unpleasant if it means protecting American lives and sovereignty. It’s not like the would-be trespassers are acting humanely when they launch grenades at border patrol agents!

The bottom line here is that this is just a microcosm of our philosophy of not matching the intensity of our enemies and the illegal invaders. Don’t you see that they will do anything to get into this country–including kill? Why aren’t we willing to do what it takes to force them to come here legally? Answer: Liberalism.,0,7764283.story?coll=la-home-center

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