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More Rhetoric from Vicente Fox

Posted by Joshua Price on November 14, 2007

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox was in Atlanta yesterday. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, his remarks included:

Mexico’s former president, Vicente Fox, said there are two types of local governments when it comes to immigration: Those that are “humane” and understand the benefits of immigrant workers, and those that are “really going too far, and violating human rights in certain situations.”

That was his response after a question about Cobb County’s new program to deport illegal immigrants from its jail.

So according to Fox we are being inhumane by enforcing the law? That’s really sound logic right there. But he actually goes even further:

A group of about 20 Minutemen, who oppose illegal immigration, carried placards and signs and confronted Fox outside the museum. They were asked to stand across the street, which they did. Later some came inside to hear him speak.

Fox referred to the protesters as “xenophobes,” and said the immigration issue is “being managed by fear.” While there is a legitimate concern about terrorism in the United States after Sept. 11, Mexican immigrants are not out to destroy the United States, he said.

“That is false. That is a lie,” he said.

So now those of us that are in favor of enforcing the law are “xenophobes?” Well guess what Mr. Fox, I don’t care. Call me whatever you want. You and your country’s support for this type of illegal behavior makes you complicit in the crime in my opinion. You have some nerve coming to this country and telling us how to handle our immigration system.

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