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A New Simple Playbook for Republicans

Posted by Joshua Price on November 14, 2007

I’ve decided to share my thoughts on how the Republican Party can save itself. It really comes down to two simple ideas:

  1. Ignore the Democrats. I understand that this is not popular in today’s political climate but it’s what needs to be done. I’m not saying that we ought to entirely ignore them, but we tend to focus on them far too much. Remember that old saying, “focus on what you can control.” We can’t control what the Democrats say or do; we can only try to persuade them with our ideas and solutions to problems. By the way, by persuade I mean do the best job we can at teaching and communicating the respective solution or idea, not selling out our values in an attempt to show some bipartisanship that winds up getting us nothing. Our main focus needs to be on the American People and trying to persuade them that conservatism works when it’s tried. I realize that there are some things about the Democrats that will have to pointed out and refuted, but our focus should not lie towards them.
  2. Develop Conservative Ideas and Solutions. This is where our focus needs to be. We need to identify pressing needs and problems and then develop solutions based on sound conservative principles and philosophies. Once we have identified a particular solution we need to communicate and explain it to the American People, and if Republicans are elected on such a platform, they need to stick to that platform once in office. Then that candidate will have results to run on in a re-election bid. The results achieved through a conservative solution will provide the impetus and fuel for any Republican re-election bid at that point. The candidate won’t have to start campaigning immediately following his/her initial election, just focus on governing.

I firmly believe that embracing and adhering to these two concepts would fundamentally change the current dead-end course the Republican Party is headed down. We need less focus on the Dems and more attention paid to those things that matter: War on Terror, China, Iran, etc. We also need truly conservative solutions and ideas developed to help solve those types of issues and then fully implement them. Yes, it will be difficult now with a Democrat-controlled Congress, but if we can get a real conservative for a president and find a way to take bake Congress it can be accomplished.

Now you may ask, How do we take back Congress? By basing campaigns on the two concepts identified above. It will work. It was worked, and it will again, but once it does we must use it wisely. Republicans will have to get over this idea of not having a mandate. We need to govern on this simple idea: if you get elected you have a mandate for the platform and philosophy you ran on. It’s that simple. I’m tired of hearing “we don’t have a mandate.” Well, did you have the Presidency? Yes. Did you control both houses of Congress? Yes. Then guess what: you had a mandate–plain and simple.

The bottom line is to move focus away from the Dems and towards solutions development, and then communicating and explaining those solutions and ideas to the American People. Should they choose to elect you, then please let those two principles guide your political career. If that cycle is started I truly believe that conservatism could have long consecutive run.

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