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More on the Law of the Sea Treaty

Posted by Joshua Price on November 12, 2007

I was reading an article today in The Washington Times (linked at at the end) that was giving some more background on the Law of the Sea treaty and I came across this:

Opponents of the U.N.-backed accord vow to defeat the treaty yet again this year, despite strong backing from President Bush, all the U.S. military services, the American Bar Association and leading business and environmental lobbies.

Look who is backing this thing (and by the way, they don’t mention that most Dems are supporting this). With the exception of the U.S. military, the supporters of this treaty should tell you all you need to know about it.

I mean Bush is siding with the Democrats more than Republicans, and please, don’t confuse Republicans with conservatives.

The American Bar Association? Fantastic, the lawyers support this. There must be a quick buck to be made in it. Heck, even the environmental lobboyists are for this.

Let’s just hope the real conservatives stand up in the Senate and outnumber the good, Bush-supporting Republican loyalists and refuse to ratify this treaty.

As a side not, this article is worth the read:

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