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Gear Up for Fight on Law of the Sea Treaty

Posted by Joshua Price on November 1, 2007

We’re headed for yet another showdown regarding American sovereignty. This time it deals with the Law of the Sea Treaty and that President Bush and Senate Democrats are backing.

So what is the Law of the Sea Treaty? This is from The Washington Times:

The treaty, negotiated in the 1970s and early 1980s, establishes rules for mining rights, navigation and territorial waters and sets up several new international bodies to oversee its implementation.
The U.S. already acts in accordance with much of the treaty, but President Reagan objected to specific provisions on seabed mining and refused to submit it for ratification. President George H.W. Bush started a new round of negotiations, and President Clinton submitted it to Congress in 1994.

What does the Bush Administration say about this?

The current administration says the treaty’s navigational rights will help the Navy, while the mining businesses say the treaty would provide the legal certainty they need to explore seabed resources. They argue that the treaty already has been in force for 13 years and that the U.S. is missing a chance to take part in the negotiations and decisions that are defining how it is working.

Shocking! Yet another example of this administration and the Democrats attempting to destroy America’s sovereignty.

Thankfully there are senators like Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) who still believe in the idea of American sovereignty:

“Our leadership is united. This is something we shouldn’t go forward with right now,”

The treaty will need two-thirds majority to pass and it looks like Republicans may have enough to block it.

Now I want to point something out here. This is now twice in the last six months that Bush has been on the same side as Democrats on a national security and sovereignty issue. Remember “comprehensive” immigration reform?

The Bush loyalists will say that he is being bipartisan and trying to work with the Democrats on an issue he feels strongly about. Nonsense. Bush is a liberal. He has fought a war the liberal, placating way (which is why we’re still in Iraq); he has spent worse than a liberal, and yes, that’s throwing defense and security spending out; he’s tried to grant amnesty to illegals; and he’s helping to eradicate our sovereignty. Don’t you see? Bush is a good liberal.

Let’s hope the few conservatives we have left in the Senate like Jeff Sessions and Jim DeMint will stand up and fight the Dems and Bush on this issue like they did on immigration.

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