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Putin Acknowledging Similarities with Cold War

Posted by Joshua Price on October 26, 2007

The following is from a Yahoo news story:

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday compared the U.S. proposal to build a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe to the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960s.

“Analogous actions by the Soviet Union, when it deployed missiles in Cuba, prompted the ‘Caribbean crisis,'” Putin said at a news conference at the end of a European Union-Russian summit in Portugal, using the Russian term for the Cuban missile crisis.

“Such a threat is being set up on our borders,” he said.

So it appears that Putin believes that there is some sort of reverse Cold War action going on here. Really? He’s actually comparing a U.S. missile defense system to the unchecked, communist ambitions of the former Soviet Union? And Bush thinks this guy is a good and decent man?

What’s more, Putin continues to defend Iran by saying that they’re years away from a nuclear weapon that could threaten Europe. How does he know this when the rest of the world doesn’t? Answer: He must be dealing with Iran on a much larger basis than we think.

You know, John McCain actually had a good line regarding Putin. He said:

That pretty much sums it up.

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3 Responses to “Putin Acknowledging Similarities with Cold War”

  1. Johnathon Harter said

    You’re a brillant man, Josh!

  2. leon said

    Russia and Iran is not what most people think

    Iran will amerge with a nuclear weapon, all you hhave to do is do a Google search of “May 15 Prophecy and you will see.

    Read the May 15th Prophecy for 100% accuracy of what going on in Iran, Iraq,Lebabon, Turkey and the greater Middle East

    It has gotten everything right, the May 15th Prophecy

  3. J.Jones said

    You people are goofballs, go lay an egg.

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