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Illegals: Time to Wake Up from Your DREAM

Posted by Joshua Price on October 26, 2007

In more good news this week the Senate has blocked the so-called DREAM act. According to an article in The Washington Times:

The Senate yesterday blocked the Dream Act, a bill to legalize illegal-alien students — the second major immigration bill to be stopped this year and a signal that this Congress is too stalemated to pass any bill that offers a path to citizenship for illegal aliens.
“A lot of senators concluded that from the last vote: Citizenship is not on the table anymore,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, who led the opposition to the Dream Act and who said the failure earlier this year of President Bush’s broad legalization bill has fundamentally moved the debate toward the right.

The DREAM act:

was supposed to be the least contentious part of immigration, with even Republican opponents acknowledging it applied to those with the least moral culpability in the immigration debate — those who were brought here without any say by their parents when they were children younger than 16, who have graduated from high school and who have finished or plan to complete two years of college or military service.

The bill would have given those people conditional green cards, with an eventual chance for citizenship.

This is great news. It’s nice to see Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) leading the opposition to this like he did the comprehensive reform attempt earlier this year.

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