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Finally a Foreceful Israel

Posted by Joshua Price on October 24, 2007

There’s a follow-up story today in The Washington Post today about the purported Israeli air strike inside Syria several weeks back. If this indeed was the case, it appears Israel may have hit the jackpot.

I want to highlight the end of this story:

In an interview published yesterday, IAEA director and Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei expressed anger at the Syrians, Israelis and foreign intelligence agencies for not providing information about a suspected nuclear program.

“We have said, ‘If any of you has the slightest information showing that there was anything linked to nuclear, we would of course be happy to investigate it,’ ” he told the French newspaper Le Monde. “Frankly, I venture to hope that before people decide to bombard and use force, they will come and see us to convey their concerns.”

ElBaradei also said an airstrike could endanger efforts to contain nuclear proliferation.

“When the Israelis destroyed Saddam Hussein‘s research nuclear reactor in 1981, the consequence was that Saddam Hussein pursued his program secretly. He began to establish a huge military nuclear program underground,” he said. “The use of force can set things back, but it does not deal with the roots of the problem.”

I just love these useless international organizations that are interested in nothing more than placating and pacifying enemies. If you read that excerpt carefully you would have seen that the IAEA is angry with the Israelis for not disseminating its intelligence, but is that really the reason? No, of course it’s not. The real reason is that the IAEA doesn’t approve of anyone defending themselves militarily, especially the U.S. and Israel. Besides, what would the IAEA have done with the information anyway? Exactly what it did with Saddam Hussein: nothing but slaps on the wrists.

That’s fine U.N. and IAEA. Keep pacifying the enemy until we’re all gone. Oh wait, you don’t believe in a national cultural or soveriegnty, so you really don’t have any enemies, right? I mean, we’re all one big happy international, peace-seeking family.

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