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Putin Protecting Iran…Again

Posted by Joshua Price on October 16, 2007

I told you we would monitor the situation in Russia with Vladimir Putin and we have some quasi-new news.

According to a story on Yahoo, Putin is again warning the U.S. not to attack Iran. Why? Clearly its Putin’s desire to make Russia into the world’s superpower and because of ties to oil.

I wrote in a post last week that I believe we are seeing history repeat itself just with different characters. We are seeing the alignment of Russia, Iran and Venezuela. More explicitly, we are talking about three men: an ex-KGB member in Russia, the Hitler of our time in Iran, and a dictator in Venezuela who might be worse than Cuba–actually, he is worse.

Does this ring a Cold War bell to anyone? It should, we just have different players.

We will certainly continue to monitor this.

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