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Internet Jihadists

Posted by Joshua Price on October 16, 2007

To no one’s surprise, there seems to be a movement by the Islamofascists to translate the terroristic rants by Muslim extremist groups into English for our consumption.

What is astounding, however, is there are many jihadist supporters inside this country helping to translate the material and articulate their agreement with said material. But, according to officials, they’re not breaking any laws.

I’m not disputing that, but how can that be? How about aiding the enemy?

If these jihadist-helpers hate this country so much, then get out! No one is forcing you to be here!

Now if you want to help us fight the Islamofascists you’re more than welcome to stay, but if you’re to apologize, empathize or placate the enemy, then I have no use for you in this country!

This would never have been allowed during World War II (i.e. Japanese internment camps). Sound harsh? You bet, but we’re in some harsh times right now. Now let me be clear: I am not speaking about those Muslims who denounce and help fight the Islamofascists. I have no issue whatsoever with them.

It’s just amazing that we are allowing this open support and aid to the enemy go on in this country. Unbelievable!

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