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Fox Blames U.S. Xenophobia on Immigration Debate

Posted by Joshua Price on October 16, 2007

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is at it again. This time he is blaming U.S. xenophobia as the major culprit of our immigration issues. Are you kidding me? This guy has some intestinal fortitude, but that’s about all.

According to The Houston Chronicle:

Top of the order for Fox is continuing his fight to get the U.S. Congress to approve temporary work permits for millions of Mexicans and a path to permanent residency for those who want to remain in the United States. Seeing such an agreement through was the chief foreign policy goal of his administration, which ended last December.

The challenge now, he said, is that racism and fear are shaping the debate.

“You get the xenophobes trying to influence the debate and take it to their side,” he said in English during a meeting with the Houston Chronicle’s editorial board. “Fear, very unfortunately, is guiding the debate and the decision-making process on immigration.

“Immigrants are not terrorists, but still many people are dealing with the issue through fear.”

For starters, these aren’t immigrants, they’re illegal invaders. Second, how do we know for sure that these “immigrants” are not terrorists? Answer: We don’t.

I’m sure the majority of them aren’t, but that still leaves some.

What Fox has to understand is that there are many conservatives, this one included, that will not back down simply for being branded as a “xenophobe.”

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