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Time to Wake-Up Conservatives

Posted by Joshua Price on October 8, 2007

I was reading an article in The Washington Times today about Barry Goldwater and the application of his (and conservatism’s) principles today. I’ll link it at the end of this.

It’s interesting that they print that today. Over the weekend I was reading some polls that–in the analysis of the poll-takers–insinuated that religious and traditional (true) conservatives were losing ground in the Republican Party to who I call the internationalists/globalists and the social moderates. The poll basically tries to marginalize conservatives by saying that we really don’t exist much anymore inside the Republican Party. Maybe that’s true. But make no mistake, we do exist, and in large numbers.

There’s a gentleman named Rick Roberts who fills in for Michael Savage on occasion and he reiterates the following when he’s on: “I want my country back!” I agree with that, and it also applies to the Republican Party: “I want the conservative Republican Party back!”

Barry Goldwater once told us to wake up, stop complaining, and essentially go get our party back. We need that today.

Conservatives are not a dying political species; we are the foundation of this country. If the Republican Party doesn’t realize that soon–and I don’t just mean in rhetoric–a third party candidate will soon become a very viable option. And honestly, I believe that candidate would have a decent chance of winning, contrary to what the Republican and Democrat pundits say. They’re scared.

I am tired of the elitists in the Republican Party telling us that we need them more than they need us. Well, they saw what happened last year with that attitude. On that note, I also love how many conservatives were criticized for not voting Republican last year, but remember what many Republicans, including myself, were saying during the 2004 presidential election: the Democrats aren’t voting for John Kerry, they’re voting against George W. Bush. We, as Republicans, excoriated Democrats for that attitude, yet the elites wanted us to exhibit that same attitude last year and in next year’s presidential election.

I will vote for a conservative candidate, not against Hillary Clinton, or whoever the Democratic nominee is.

If we, as conservatives, aren’t happy with the idea of a Giuliani nomination, then let’s take a serious look at the real conservatives in the field: Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Mike Huckabee. They might not be as conservative as I am, but they are much more so than Giuliani, Thompson, or Romney.

The bottom line is that we need to wake-up and take our party and country back, and it starts by being vocal and getting involved! Let’s get to work!

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2 Responses to “Time to Wake-Up Conservatives”

  1. Johnathon Harter said

    Amen! We need to get our country back and fast!

    Josh, you make a great point, I too will vote for a conservative that will truly get our couintry going back into the right direction.

  2. You know, I refuse to believe that we conservatives aren’t large enough in number to be the majority of the Republican Party. I think you have just had a slow, but increasing, exodus my many conservatives from the party.

    If we had a true conservative leader in the party conservatives would flock right back to the Republican Party.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I honestly do not believe that the social moderates and the globalists make up the majority of the Republican electorate.

    If there are not millions of conservatives in this country, and I mean true conservatives, then Michael Savage would not get 8-10 million listeners a week, Ann Coulter would not sell millions of books, and this blog would not resonate with people. So, I get tired of people saying conservatives and conservatism are dying breeds in this country. They’re flat out wrong!

    Oh, and one final item, does anyone out there have anything interesting on Barry Goldwater? I’ve read Conscience of a Conservative, but I’m looking more. Some of the stuff on the net is just liberal rants about him, which I have no use for.

    We just have to stand up, make our voices heard and actively contribute to the political process–no matter how disgruntled or frustrated we are with that process.

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