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40,000 Terrorists or People Associated with Known Terrorists Have Tried to Gain Access into the Country Since 9/11

Posted by Joshua Price on October 1, 2007

There’s an article in The Washington Times today that, to me at least, is both positive and negative.

It seems that the post-9/11 creation of the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) is paying off to a degree. According to the article, ” more than 40,000 people trying to gain entry into the U.S. who either associated with terrorist groups or were known terrorists themselves, and the database is only going to get better, says the agency’s chief.”

Here is the positive: We’ve been able to identify and prevent some 40,000 potential terrorists from coming into this country. That is wonderful news and it needs to be recognized.

On to the negative: 40,000 potential terrorists have tried but failed to enter the U.S., but how many have succeeded? What’s scary is that we really have no way of knowing this.

I know we have talked about this a lot but this again shines the spotlight on our borders. Yes, it’s great that we defeated that horrible Senate “comprehensive” immigration bill, but we still have the problem and each year we don’t do something about it gets worse.

Remember that saying we’ve heard as nausium: the terrorists only have to be right, where we have to be right every time. The same holds true with the borders: it only takes one terrorist to get into this country. And yes, I understand we may have so-called “homegrown” terrorists, but we really can’t do much about that. We can control the situation with our borders though.

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