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Another Piece of “Hate” Crime Legislation

Posted by Joshua Price on September 28, 2007

If you want to understand part of why our government is screwed up just look at what is allowed in the process of putting together a piece of legislation. Take the defense spending bill currently in the Senate as an example. The so-called “Dream” Act was initially attached to this bill. Now, what exactly does granting amnesty to a certain illegal population segment have to with defense spending? Answer: nothing!

Well now that the defense bill has passed it comes another catch–no, not the “Dream” Act, but rather more so-called “hate” crime protections for homosexuals. Again, what in the world does this have to with defense spending? Again, absolutely nothing.

Something is terribly wrong with a process that allows members of congress to attach amendments to bills that have absolutely nothing to do with the crux of the original legislation. This is the primary vehicle for earmarks.

On to the “hate” crime issue. We are getting to a point in this country where we are not going to be able to say certain thing about homosexuals, transgenders, the sexually confused–did I hit them all? You wait, we are eventually going to see people prosecuted under “hate” crime laws for simply speaking religious beliefs or voicing opposition to the homosexual lifestyle.

We must not lose site of the fact, however, that it is the system that needs changing. The “Dream” Act and this “hate” crime amendment should first be isolated and then debated, not sneaked in the back door–although that is ironic, isn’t it? It’s kind of what the illegals are to do us literally.

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