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More Patton, Less Patent Leather

Posted by Joshua Price on September 27, 2007

That is a title in Michael Savage’s, who is a true conservative radio host by the way, book Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. His main thesis in that chapter is that we need more force, like we had in World War II, and less political correct, sissy garbage that runs rampant today.

After our interviews with Michael Scheuer and Steve Emerson, this really needs to be emphasized much more. Just look at how we have allowed the enemy to exploit our weaknesses–mainly a feminized and politically correct culture.

This must be corrected quickly or liberalism and this politically correct garbage is going to kill us. Think I’m exaggerating? I mean do you feel confident is some of our leaders? I am tired of our leaders holding press conferences while wearing their pink ties trying to imply how sensitive and understanding they are. That’s not going to win a war!

It’s time for America to wake up and toughen up! Being sensitive to our enemy’s culture is a liability and lethal danger in this war.

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5 Responses to “More Patton, Less Patent Leather”

  1. Johnathon Harter said

    Wonderful book! Wonderful Man!

    Have you bee able to read any of his other books? Political Zoo, The Enemy Within, and The Savage Nation are his must reads!

  2. Johnathon Harter said

    Think it would be fantastic to see an interview on the blog featuring one of America’s top conservative men.

  3. Absolutely dead on about Savage!

    I have Liberalism is a Metal Disorder and The Political Zoo, which is quite possibly the funniest and most accurate account of modern day politics I’ve read. I want to read The Enemy Within soon.

    On the conservative leader front, I’d really like to try and get Savage on, I just don’t know how open he would be to that. He’s someone I admire so it would be a real treat.

    We’re considering some other interview possibilities, but they will probably slow down to once-a-month for a little while. We are working on some other things that we hope we can do with a blog, bit if can’t, we’re considering a full website to go along with this blog.

    We want to take conservative activism and advocacy to the next level by focusing less on what the Dems are doing like some of these other blogs(unless it’s something we really need to comment on) and more about identifying problems and developing conservative solutions to those problems and then doing what we can to turn those solutions into policy.

    Thanks for your ideas, and please continue to provide feedback–it’s the only way we’re going to develop a true conservative community.

  4. Johnathon Harter said

    You know exactly what you’re doing and what this country needs, Mr. Price. THere need to be more people out there like yourself taking down the Dems. by sneaking up behind them and kicking them behind the knee.

    I believe that have Savage on here would indeed be a delight.

    Hope everthing works out for the blog and would love to see this turn into a website with the blog as a feature on there.

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