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Globalists and Internationallists at it Again

Posted by Joshua Price on September 21, 2007

Let me begin by saying that I am an avid capitalist and firm believer in free markets for goods and services, but I also understand that when greed and capitalism supersede national security we are asking for a major economic and security disaster.

After the Dubai Ports deal from least year, I thought we had seen the last of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government trying to buy stakes in American security and economic interests, however, I am sad to say that I was wrong. You see, according to The Washington Post:

Under a complex three-way deal, the stock exchange owned by the government of Dubai would acquire a 19.9 percent stake in the Nasdaq Stock Market, becoming the first government in the Middle East to own a substantial interest in a U.S. exchange.

That’s wonderful news, isn’t it? Yes, a country that has, at best, questionable ties to terrorism, and at worst, is secretly sponsoring terrorism, now owns 20% of one of our stock exchanges. Now you may be thinking that this isn’t as bad as the Dubai Ports deal because that dealt directly with national security. However, remember what Michael Scheuer, former head of the Bin Laden unit at the CIA, told us just a couple of weeks ago:

“When al-Qaeda attacks us they’re going to look for a target and an opportunity that’s bigger than 9/11, and they want three things: they want a lot of human casualties; even more they want economic damage. Bin Laden has described this war as the bleed-America-to-bankruptcy war, so that’s their major target.

We know that the Emiratis have had ties to Bin Laden going back to the late nineties where we had a solid chance of capturing or killing him but the attack was called off because a UAE prince was hunting with Bin Laden. It’s like Mr. Scheuer insinuated: you’re known for the company you keep.

I don’t trust the Emiratis. I’m sure the globalists and internationalists will explain this by saying that there are other foreign governments that have interests in our stock exchanges, security interests, etc., but do they have possible ties to terrorism? If so, those deals need to be looked at as well.

The bottom line here is that I don’t care how much cheaper goods and services might be, or how more efficient our stock exchanges might be under foreign control, companies and issues tied to our economic and national security should not be owned, in part or whole, by foreign companies who operate in or are controlled by countries that have questionable ties to terrorism. Call me protectionist, anti-capitalism, anti-globalism or whatever, but our national security comes first. Why am I the only one who recognizes that if we don’t have a country, it really doesn’t matter how cheaply we can buy goods and services?


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  1. megan said

    Dunno about that. I once had a teen girlfriend. She had nice things.

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