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Giuliani at it Again with Illegal Immigration

Posted by Joshua Price on September 13, 2007

There is an article in today’s Washington Times that contributes to the mounting evidence that Rudy Giuliani will not get the Republican nomination because of his liberal and globalist positions on many issues, specifically illegal immigration.

According to the article:

Speaking on the Glenn Beck radio program last week, Mr. Giuliani said that illegal entry into the U.S. is not a federal crime and that he doesn’t think it should be, either: “It shouldn’t be because the government wouldn’t be able to prosecute it. We couldn’t prosecute 12 million people.”

He is essentially saying that it’s too hard to prosecute 12 million people. That’s a great attitude “America’s Mayor.” Is that your wonderful leadership that we keep hearing so much about? If Giuliani becomes president we will have to brand him the leader of the borderless world.

Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado), a man who I respect and will trust on immigration before I’ll even give Giuliani two seconds on the subject, took a shot at Giuliani’s “broken windows” policy which basically stated that punishing smaller crimes more harshly would reduce more violent and serious crimes by saying:

“In this case I guess what he’s saying is no broken windows, but we will ignore the fact that you broke into the country.”

It is astounding to me how some of the so-called, “You’re a great American,” conservative pundits openly fawn over Giuliani. What is it going to take for the elites in the Republican Party to recognize that he is a liberal on almost everything except some fiscal issues? Or, maybe the Party elites do recognize this and they are perfectly fine with it because he is perceived as being the candidate who can beat Hillary. At that point the question becomes, Do you want a liberal Republican or liberal Democrat in office?

The good news is that I don’t believe Giuliani has much of a chance of getting the nomination. He is not going to play well in the Midwest or South, and without those to regions he’s not winning the nomination.

What is concerning, however, is that the many in the Republican Party are supporting a candidate–Giuliani–who apparently doesn’t believe in the sovereignty of our country.

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