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Bin Laden “virtually impotent” According to Bush’s Homeland Security Adviser

Posted by Joshua Price on September 10, 2007

Fran Townsend, president Bush’s homeland security adviser, said yesterday on Fox News Sunday that Osama Bin Laden is “virtually impotent,” insinuating that he basically only has the ability to send out propaganda tapes while hiding in a cave.

That remark is extremely irresponsible. It comes after the National Intelligence Estimate which stated that al-Qaeda is reconstituting itself along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border and making a concerted effort to get members into America.

The NIE was compiled by Admiral McConnell who reiterated this morning in his testimony before the Senate Homeland Security Committee the assertions made in the NIE.

I don’t understand why a fairly prominent member of the Bush Administration would make such a comment given that it’s clear by Bin Laden’s ability to film and distribute a videotape that he is also still capable of meeting with senior al-Qaeda officials and operatives,making him a bit more functional that “virtually impotent.”

It will be interesting to see if that comment is walked back at all in the coming days.

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