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Alberto Gonzalez’s Resignation Means Bush Quickly Becoming Lamest Lame-Duck President

Posted by Joshua Price on August 27, 2007

Irrespective of whether Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should have resigned, his departure is another blow to President Bush.

While I certainly do not have a problem with the firings of the U.S. attorneys,–Democrats have engaged in the same behavior and it is perfectly within the president’s authority–Gonzalez’s alleged handling of the infamous warantless wiretapping surveillance program was unacceptable.

We can now be almost 100% certain, as if we couldn’t before this news, that president Bush is now a one-issue president: The War on Terror. Which, I may add, he is not handling as well now as he did in 2001 and 2002.

It is quite remarkable when you think about the dichotomy of Bush’s two terms. Just 4 or 5 years ago many of us conservatives–and some conservative Democrats–were touting this president has perhaps one of the greatest in our nation’s history. We were vigorously (although I would have preferred more force) fighting the War on Terror, Bush’s tax cuts were working to stimulate the economy, and he was about to unveil the most ambitious overhaul of Social Security since its inception. The point is that Bush was leading as a conservative, save for the astronomical spending on the education and medicare prescription drug bills.

My how things have changed. The fact is that since 2005, starting with the utter mishandling of that Social Security reform by Dan Bartlett, Karl Rove and Bush, his presidency has taken a decidedly liberal turn–contrary to what the globalists in the Republican Party will tell you. While I am infuriating some in the Republican Party let me be “fair and balanced” by saying that if the liberals in this country believe that we are currently fighting a conservative and barbaric war, be glad that you have George W. Bush in office and not someone like General George Patton, which is what we need desperately.

President Bush, in my opinion, has waged war in a decidedly non-conservative way. We have simply not been forceful enough. As a result, he is limping through the rest of his presidency.

Bush still has time to salvage a rapidly deteriorating presidency, but he needs to start waging this war like it is a war with American civilization hanging in the balance!


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