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Bush and the Rest of the Government Failing Us Again on Immigration

Posted by Joshua Price on August 25, 2007

I know it’s shocking but the failures of the current immigration system just continue to grow deeper and more widespread.

According to a recent Washington Times article:

A 2006 audit showed federal, state and local governments are among the biggest employers of the half-million persons in the U.S. illegally using “non-work” Social Security numbers–numbers issued legally, but with specific instructions that the holders are not authorized to work in the U.S.

The article, by Stephen Dinan, continues:

The Social Security Administration used to, but no longer does, issue non-work numbers to legal aliens who were not authorized to work but needed a number to obtain a federal or state benefit or service. Still, hundreds of thousands of those immigrants used the numbers to get a job.

The Social Security Administration provides a list of the non-work numbers to the Department of Homeland Security annually, but the “department has been reluctant to use them for enforcement” the article stated. And why has the DHS been reluctant? It has argued to Congress in “testimony last year it would take a significant amount of resources and could distract from national security priorities.” Really? You mean this isn’t a national security priority??? Perhaps we have discovered a big part of the problem: the government–at all levels–is continuing to separate the immigration system from national security and that is very dangerous.

Now to be fair, the DHS went on to say, according to the article, that a “high percentage of the non-work numbers turn out to be clerical errors or workers who later obtained authorization.”

However, the article continues:

The inspector general says those cases do occur, but more often than not–about 60 percent of the time–the employees are in fact not authorized to work in the U.S. The audit said for government agencies, the percentage is slightly lower: 44 percent of the government workers identified in their sample were unauthorized for employment in the U.S.

Well that is just fantastic. But wait, it gets even scarier:

In a sample of 275 individuals using non-work numbers, the inspector general found two were found to have warrants for deportation already lodged against them. The inspector general said it forwarded that information to Homeland Security for action.

Lets hope DHS considers that a national security priority!

There is somewhat of a silver lining in all this. The article goes on:

The inspector general said as long as workers are using invalid numbers, homeland security is threatened…

No, really. I promise there is a silver lining:

…and said telling employers directly about employees using invalid numbers could help stem the flow of illegal workers (emphasis added).

Now in the same article , Stephen Dinan reports that California Rep. and presidential hopeful, Duncan Hunter(R) says “Mr. Bush is falling behind on construction of the U.S.-Mexico border fence that he signed into law last year.”

Not surprisingly, this gets worse as well:

The Washington Times reported earlier this month the U.S. Border Patrol sent out a memo calling for agents to volunteer to help build fencing because they are going to fall short of their goal.

Boy we really know how to treat our border patrol agents, don’t we? I mean really. We send them out their charged with one of the most important parts of our national security with rules of engagement that may as well require an ACLU lawyer standing by their side. And then if they should have to use force to prevent a trespasser from coming into this country, our government takes the side of the illegal and allows the illegal’s family to sue, and now the Border Patrol has the nerve to ask these men and women to volunteer to help construct a fence that should, lets face it, have been built 20 years ago.

And we wonder what is wrong with our immigration system!

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