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U.S. Border Patrol Agents Under Assault From Illegals and American Legal System

Posted by Joshua Price on August 9, 2007

There is another case of a U.S. Border Patrol agent being accused of murdering an illegal alien while attempting to cross into the country illegally.

Nicholas Corbett, a U.S. Border Patrol agent, is being charged with second-degree murder. According to a Washington Times article linked below:

Mr. Corbett, 39, initially was charged with first-degree and second-degree murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide in the death of Mr. Dominguez-Rivera, 22, of Puebla, Mexico — killed during what the Border Patrol said was a scuffle between the agent and as many as six illegal aliens attempting to cross into the United States.

The article goes on to state:

During the hearing, the three witnesses testified that none of them threatened the agent with a rock, and that Mr. Corbett chased them in his vehicle, jumped out with a pistol in his hand, confronted Mr. Dominguez-Rivera, struck him in the back of the neck, pushed him to the ground and then shot him.

But Cochise County Medical Examiner Dr. Guery Flores testified there was no sign of injury to the victim’s shoulders, head or neck.

The scuffled occurred ” along a popular alien- and drug-smuggling corridor,” and the agent stated that he “feared for his life and used deadly force to keep the man from throwing a large rock at him.”

The charges have subsequently been “reduced” to second-degree murder because an Arizona judge decided the evidence didn’t support the original first-degree murder charge.


Now what is the primary evidence that the government is basing the charges on? Three witness who include the would-be illegal’s two brothers and sister-in-law. I’m sure these related witnesses are entirely unbiased in their accounts of the incident.

Why are we relying on the testimony of people who are trying to come here illegally, and as a result, completely discount our own Border Patrol agent’s account? Answer: Liberalism.

The same liberalism that is trying to force us to take the word of enemy combatants and terrorists over our men and women fighting the War on Terror (see the Haditha “massacre”).

We all know that our immigration system is deeply flawed from top to bottom, but the problems are becoming more institutionalized and deeply rooted. In the coming weeks we will be re-launching “Conservative Solutions” and we hope that you out there in the conservative community will step up and contribute to developing a true, conservative solution to our immigration system problems.

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