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Potential Political Implications of “Fairness Doctrine”

Posted by Joshua Price on June 29, 2007

With the Republican Party continuing to split into two factions–conservatives and globalists–many in the Democrat Party believe that it is great position to take the White House and increase their margins in Congress. Well, this may indeed be true, but if some in the party continue pushing for the reinstatement of the supposed “Fairness Doctrine” they could end up with a repeat of the 2004 election.

In 2004, several states put anti-gay marriage initiatives on the ballots and they all overwhelmingly passed. The point is that is was one of the galvanizing issues for the the conservative base. As a result, it pushed Bush over the top on his way to re-election.

Now fast-forward to later this year and into 2008. Democrats want to reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine” in an attempt to dilute the effectiveness and dominance of conservative talk radio. This just may end up being the issue Republicans need to retain a fragile hold on the conservative base.

Depending upon what action Democrats take and the timing on this issue, Republicans should use this issue the same way the anti-gay marriage ballot initiatives were used: to inspire and motivate the conservative base.

More on the details of the “Fairness Doctrine” will come at a later date…

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