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Senate Vote Clearly Means Amnesty

Posted by Joshua Price on June 27, 2007

Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s (R) amendment to the Senate immigration bill has been defeated 53-45.


The amendment would have required Z-1 and Z-2 visa seekers to “touch back” in their country of origin within two years of enactment before they would be granted visas.


This virtually assures that any immigration bill that emerges in the next several days will grant amnesty to the millions of illegals currently residing in the country.


Opponents of the bill have known that it was nothing more than an amnesty bill, but this vote basically means the supporters of it are now admitting as such. Of course they will never overtly state this. We will continue to get the same line about how the illegals will have to pay some fines, back taxes, etc., therefore it is not amnesty because they are indeed paying a price. But, if I understand the immigration process and law clearly, if you come here illegally and are subsequently given a path to citizenship without having to go back home and go through the legal process, it is amnesty. Was that so difficult? Well, apparently it is for president Bush and the Senate.


Make no mistake, the rule of law, our national security, and our sovereignty are all at stake with this terrible bill. We can only hope that we have enough senators like Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson who listen to their constituents and vote accordingly.




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