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Sen. Sessions is a True Conservative

Posted by Joshua Price on June 27, 2007

As a result of the Senate debate on immigration reform, we are getting a clear glance of the true conservative senators who care about our national security and sovereignty. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) is one of the few, and perhaps the most solid, conservative leaders Republicans have in the Senate.


Senator Sessions has discovered many flaws in the immigration proposal and has articulated them very well. He was the one to call our attention to the twenty loopholes in the bill ( He is also one of the few senators–even of those opposed to the bill–who is citing the report by the Congressional Budget Office regarding the potential reduction in illegal immigration. Senator Sessions says that, according to the CBO:

“CBO expects that the enforcement measure and the higher number of overstayers would on net diminish the number of unauthorized immigrants by about 500,000 in 2017 and about 1.3 million in 2027.

What that means is when you take the 25-percent reduction of illegality at the border and an increase in visa overstays illegality, it comes out, according to their numbers, to only a net 13-percent reduction in illegality. “

We are being told that this is a comprehensive reform bill yet it will only reduce illegal immigration by 13%?


In this time of decreasing conservative leadership it is refreshing to see the fight that Senator Sessions and some of his colleagues are putting up over this deeply flawed piece of legislation.

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