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Potential Political Implications of “Fairness Doctrine”

Posted by Joshua Price on June 29, 2007

With the Republican Party continuing to split into two factions–conservatives and globalists–many in the Democrat Party believe that it is great position to take the White House and increase their margins in Congress. Well, this may indeed be true, but if some in the party continue pushing for the reinstatement of the supposed “Fairness Doctrine” they could end up with a repeat of the 2004 election.

In 2004, several states put anti-gay marriage initiatives on the ballots and they all overwhelmingly passed. The point is that is was one of the galvanizing issues for the the conservative base. As a result, it pushed Bush over the top on his way to re-election.

Now fast-forward to later this year and into 2008. Democrats want to reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine” in an attempt to dilute the effectiveness and dominance of conservative talk radio. This just may end up being the issue Republicans need to retain a fragile hold on the conservative base.

Depending upon what action Democrats take and the timing on this issue, Republicans should use this issue the same way the anti-gay marriage ballot initiatives were used: to inspire and motivate the conservative base.

More on the details of the “Fairness Doctrine” will come at a later date…


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Final Immigration Vote Breakdown

Posted by Joshua Price on June 29, 2007

After combing through the vote breakdown I have decided to post the names of the Republican Senators who voted along with Democrats like Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barack Obama and Dick Durbin…just to name a few.

  • Bob Bennett (R-Utah)
  • Larry Craig (R-Idaho)
  • Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina)
  • Judd Gregg (R-New Hampshire)
  • Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska)
  • Jon Kyl (R-Arizona)
  • Trent Lott (R-Mississippi)
  • Richard Lugar (R-Indiana)
  • Mel Martinez (R-Florida)
  • John McCain (R-Arizona)
  • Olympia Snowe (R-Maine)
  • Arlen Specter (R-Pennsylvania)

As you can see the usual RINOs are all pretty much here: Snowe, McCain, Specter, and Hagel. But there are a couple of surprises like Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham will probably get thrown out of South Carolina (well, at least the Senate) after his position on this bill.

Trent Lott has become a huge disappoint lately with his ineffective and lackluster leadership as Senate Majority leader and now his support for this bill. Oh, and not to mention his comments about talk radio running the country and needing to do something about it. I must say it has been quite entertaining to hear him attempt to walk his comments back by saying he meant that politicians needed to do a better job of explaining legislation to the public. Many supporters of this bill actually believe that it was so unpopular due to lack of knowledge of the bill. No, it failed because of the knowledge of the bill

That brings us to Sen. Mel Martinez. Yes, the General Chairman of the Republican National Committee voted to end debate on the bill. I really hope this does not signal the official stance of the GOP for the next couple of years on this issue.

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Senate Immigration Bill Defeated…Again

Posted by Joshua Price on June 28, 2007

For the second time in two weeks the “comprehensive” immigration reform bill in the Senate has been shot down.

Proponents of the bill failed to get the 3/5 majority needed to invoke cloture (end debate). The motion was defeated 53-46, 14 votes shy of the 60 needed to pass (a full breakdown of the vote can be found on the link below).

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) has said this will be the last attempt to revive the bill for this session.

The bottom line on this bill is that the American people’s voices were heard. Sen. Sessions (R-Alabama) alluded to this by saying that the Senate office phone lines had effectively been shutdown–even as late as during this morning’s debate–due to constituents voicing their concerns.

Today is one of the few times the American people can feel like we do have some representation in Congress.

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Senate Vote Clearly Means Amnesty

Posted by Joshua Price on June 27, 2007

Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s (R) amendment to the Senate immigration bill has been defeated 53-45.


The amendment would have required Z-1 and Z-2 visa seekers to “touch back” in their country of origin within two years of enactment before they would be granted visas.


This virtually assures that any immigration bill that emerges in the next several days will grant amnesty to the millions of illegals currently residing in the country.


Opponents of the bill have known that it was nothing more than an amnesty bill, but this vote basically means the supporters of it are now admitting as such. Of course they will never overtly state this. We will continue to get the same line about how the illegals will have to pay some fines, back taxes, etc., therefore it is not amnesty because they are indeed paying a price. But, if I understand the immigration process and law clearly, if you come here illegally and are subsequently given a path to citizenship without having to go back home and go through the legal process, it is amnesty. Was that so difficult? Well, apparently it is for president Bush and the Senate.


Make no mistake, the rule of law, our national security, and our sovereignty are all at stake with this terrible bill. We can only hope that we have enough senators like Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson who listen to their constituents and vote accordingly.



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Sen. Sessions is a True Conservative

Posted by Joshua Price on June 27, 2007

As a result of the Senate debate on immigration reform, we are getting a clear glance of the true conservative senators who care about our national security and sovereignty. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) is one of the few, and perhaps the most solid, conservative leaders Republicans have in the Senate.


Senator Sessions has discovered many flaws in the immigration proposal and has articulated them very well. He was the one to call our attention to the twenty loopholes in the bill ( He is also one of the few senators–even of those opposed to the bill–who is citing the report by the Congressional Budget Office regarding the potential reduction in illegal immigration. Senator Sessions says that, according to the CBO:

“CBO expects that the enforcement measure and the higher number of overstayers would on net diminish the number of unauthorized immigrants by about 500,000 in 2017 and about 1.3 million in 2027.

What that means is when you take the 25-percent reduction of illegality at the border and an increase in visa overstays illegality, it comes out, according to their numbers, to only a net 13-percent reduction in illegality. “

We are being told that this is a comprehensive reform bill yet it will only reduce illegal immigration by 13%?


In this time of decreasing conservative leadership it is refreshing to see the fight that Senator Sessions and some of his colleagues are putting up over this deeply flawed piece of legislation.

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